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Welcome to

Low Range 4x4 Academy
Accredited, Vehicle Specific 4x4 Driver Training & Assessments, Middelburg, Mpumalanga

Our name says it all - specialists in 4x4 Vehicle Training & Assessments. With combined experience of over 50 years in the industry, the Low Range team are fully capable and able to meet any need or demand you require in the vehicle driving & training field.


Our expertise lies within the following fields :

Design and Development

Design and Development

From off-road manuals to quality management

Training and Assessment

Training, Assessment, & Moderation

With a database of over 1000 people trained in various sectors, Low Range proves to be the first choice in off-road training. We are a TETA Accredited company (Accreditation Number 13365) with accredited TETA Facilitators, Assessors & Moderators. We are registered to provide accredited training & moderation in US 254135 & US254154.

Moderation and Quality Assurance

Moderation and Quality Assurance

With the NQF and SAQA principles regarding assessment, training has never been more efficient.


Low Range 4x4 Academy is also extensively involved with Nostophobic Adventures in the Field Guide & Lodge Specific 4x4 Driver Training Field. On top of that, together with Maranata 4x4 & Nostophobic Adventures, we are one of the founding partners of the Extreme Outdoor League, a yearlong 4x4 competition league like no other.

In short, when it comes to driver training, you need not look any further.


About Low Range 4x4 Academy

At Low Range Academy we have a highly experienced & qualified team that can help you to get to know your 4x4, along with being able to guide your company in getting to know your vehicle for both on & off-road use. With over 15 years’ experience in the training and assessment of personnel and vehicle operators in the mining industry, along with being involved in the recreational & competition field; we understand 4x4 driving. With 8 Years extensive experience in the Brake & Clutch Industry and brake failure accident investigation we understand vehicles.

Author of 4 four wheel drive vehicle manuals

Toyota Prado Four Wheel Drive

LDV Advanced Driver
Manual Underground

Technical Four Wheel Drive Training - Manual

General 4 x 4 Training Course

Failsafe Brake System Training
Manual (Multibrake)

LDV Surface Driver and 4 x 4 Training - Manual (Outcome Based)

LDV Underground and 4 x 4 Training - Manual (Outcome Based)

Launches and 4x4 Fun Days

Vaal Toyota Vereeniging organized and managed 4x4 Condor

Vaal Toyota Sasolburg organized and managed 4x4 women day

SA Boat club organized and managed 4x4 competition day

Ribbokkloof managed and organized 4x4 competition day


Fund raiser organized for the farming community

Built and designed 3 4x4 tracks

2 competition tracks

1 route

Fund raising Mpumalanga Tourism - Roossenekal region

Training reference

Trained with Mitsubishi South Africa

Trained for Toyota South Africa Head Office on the Prado Expert Course

Trained various Toyota dealership sales personnel in general 4x4 courses

Trained for Telkom South Africa

Trained various vehicle operators in the mining industry

Trained for Anglo Mafube / Training for Anglo Phola (Third Party) to assess all heavy duty machinery operators, issue competency certificates and licenses

Various Companies Trained

Anglo Platinum

Modikwa Mine

Twickinem & Hackney

Swartklip Union Section

Lonmin Platinum

Newman Shaft

Ingwe Coal

Optimum Mine

Arnot Colliery

Gloria Colliery

Xstrata Coal

Boschmans Colliery


Tamrock Sandvik